6 Common Park Problems Responsible Lighting Can Solve

Today’s lighting can improve the visitor
experience while reducing costs

Each community and municipality is unique in requirements to meet the needs of the public, and lighting has many variables that change over time. In order to promote a positive experience, you need modern lighting solutions. A proactive lighting solution should include things like a cohesive space that feels safe to visitors, a reduced cost of ownership, and a networked lighting control system. With these options in place, you can transform your parks and public spaces and promote a smart future.

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Stay Connected

Network lighting controls provide monitoring to ensure things are running smoothly and alert you of outages

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Minimal Maintenance

Upgrading to modern lighting extends the life of your light fixtures and requires less maintenance than other solutions

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Environmentally Friendly

Warmer color temperatures limit glare, skyglow, light trespass and even help wildlife preservation

Your community deserves the transformation that lighting can provide. The rise of outdoor spaces means you need to promote safe spaces for gathering while also reducing energy consumption. The upgrade to energy efficient LEDs can help keep your budget and community spending in mind when choosing a lighting plan, as they provide a low total cost of ownership. Read more about the 6 Common Park Problems Responsible Lighting Can Solve, including:

  • Precisely tailoring your lighting experience with wireless remote control
  • Reducing energy consumption with network lighting controls
  • Achieving immediate payback by upgrading to LED products
  • Eliminating uplight to create a more visually comfortable environment